Thomas Cramer, Partner

Tom Cramer maintains a steadfast focus on each of his clients. Tom believes strongly in effective attorney/client collaboration in order to obtain positive results.  For both litigation matters and severance negotiation, Tom collaborates with his clients to find the best paths forward. He prides himself on staying abreast of legal issues and decisions for all types of employment concerns, as the law changes so rapidly. He is assertive, but always respectful with opposing counsel. You can rest assured that Tom has your back. 

Tom knows that the complexities of litigation should not diminish a client’s ability to understand all the issues. His approach includes a high level of collaboration and continual communications between attorney and client. This approach cuts through the clutter, enabling him to clearly move forward and achieve positive results for his clients.  He also is compassionate and caring in his communications with those he represents, understanding they need to put their trust in him to right the wrongs they feel they have endured.  

Tom’s empathy and concern for his clients began well before he became a lawyer. From teaching English in Peru to serving as a mentor to children of U.S. Marines in Okinawa, Japan, Tom has shared his sensitivity and warmth with hundreds. A natural protector, Tom seeks justice for his clients with great resolve. 

Tom Cramer has held a variety of jobs from a peanut vendor at Wrigley Field to a firefighter at Yosemite National Park. He has learned how to value a good day’s work, and his legal career continues this tradition.

He is a member of the Trial Bar of the Northern District of Illinois, the Chicago Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

Father of two, Tom is the head coach for his son’s AYSO soccer team and loves building his players’ confidence. He is an excellent carpenter and takes great care of his Ryobi tools.  He, too, like Amy, has a passion for the Chicago Bulls. He loves watching Demar DeRozan take impossible shots and hopes to see them get better throughout the year.