Congratulations, you landed your first job, your dream job or made a strategic career move along the way. When you land the job you want, the journey is not completed. It is important to pay careful attention to your employment contract if you have one. Don’t sign it hastily.

Employment contracts often spell out benefits, stock, and more, including how you’ll be able to make a living after leaving the job.

Whether you are making a job move to another company, industry or city you’ll want to be sure you are protected for all benefits earned.

 We will work with you to review these contracts and understand thoroughly what your responsibilities include, what protections you may have and what benefits you are accepting as part of your new position. You want to ensure your security as you take a new step for your future.

Ms. Cramer was very helpful in reviewing the employment contract from my new employer. This was an important time for me as it involved changing companies and relocating. Amy was very thorough yet very responsive and helped me consider factors I would have missed.

~Barry D., Employment Client