You may have committed to a non-compete agreement. Non-compete agreements are defined as restrictive covenants that protect employers from their employees who may leave and take customers or industry secrets with them.

These types of agreements are often standard today in high-end sales and other positions that involve protecting trade secrets. Certain positions or fields deal with highly confidential or proprietary information including customer lists, proprietary design or pre-patented information that is used in fields like engineering, architecture, manufacturing and high-end sales.

But, you don’t want these agreements to limit you if you are presented with a new opportunity that can get you more compensation and bring you more opportunity.

More and more, these covenants are being structured to restrict an employee’s future and ability to move on to new opportunities. Sometimes they are too restrictive. It can be to your advantage to have an employment lawyer review your agreement and uncover any potential misunderstanding down the road.

Be sure to protect yourself and what your hard work can produce for you in terms of your professional advancement. 

Protect your future opportunities and review your agreement with employment attorneys Tom and Amy Cramer.