You may have reported your employer or an individual at your company because you felt there was fraud occurring. Now, you are dealing with retaliatory behavior by your employer.

You do not have to tolerate any retaliation as a result of your honesty and integrity.

A whistleblower is protected by Federal and State of Illinois law and cannot be discriminated against for reporting misconduct, fraud or other violations by his or her employer.

Whistleblowers are like signals that warn others if employers are participating in actions that affect the public’s health, safety and well-being. If you are a whistleblower, you should not suffer career damage or job loss.

Cramer Law Group will help you know your rights and protections under the law. Tom or Amy Cramer will meet with you and discuss what your employer may be doing and help decipher whether it is retaliation against you.

Whistleblower and retaliation cases can happen in any industry. We’ve helped advocate for many individuals, including:

  • Successfully represented high-level engineer for blowing the whistle on publicly traded American biotech product development company.
  • Representing high-level engineer against global construction manufacturing and mining company in claims against his employer.

If you feel you are being treated differently because you were a whistleblower, call or email Cramer Law Group to let us know about what you are experiencing. We may be able to help you.