If your job is not working as you had hoped, you may be presented with a severance contract by your employer. It is a type of contract that typically requires you to waive your rights to litigate issues related to your leaving the company. Having a lawyer carefully review your severance contract is important, especially if there is any concern related to discrimination you may have encountered on the job. You always want to protect your rights, and we know how to do that.

We have helped many clients navigate these contracts, including:

  • Assisted 20-year veteran of pharma c-suite with an exit from publicly traded company to position as president and CEO of a new venture.
  • Assisted senior management executive secure incentive compensation, guaranteed severance upon termination from publicly traded management consulting and business advisory firm.
  • Represented high-level executive in departure from publicly traded commercial real estate firm. Exec later ran for Congress.

If you have been presented with a  severance contract, contact attorneys Tom and Amy Cramer before you sign to review and ensure you protect your rights.

From my experience, I have learned this area of the law is complicated and requires intelligent and “cool” representation. Amy is a calm but powerful and at times aggressive attorney who had nothing but MY best intentions as the base for our legal strategy.

~Michael W, Employment Client