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In 2021, as more companies transitioned to a hybrid workplace, there may have been some setbacks. Others may have felt their employer was moving too slow to get back to in-person or, conversely, other employers were rushing in-person returns. However, while this was going on, workplace discrimination remains a major problem. 

AllVoices, a company that focuses on employee feedback, released its finding in the State of Workplace Discrimination 2021 report. What did this report say about discrimination and what are some key takeaways?

Report Findings

The research was used for all different sectors and job levels to ensure that all opinions were being represented in the report. It was designed to better understand the experiences and frustrations of workers and how organizations can improve their handling of workplace discrimination. Some key figures: 

  • 55% of workers have experienced discrimination at their current company;
  • 80% experienced it while working remotely;
  • 61% have witnessed discrimination at some point;
  • only 54% reported having had their matter fully resolved;
  • and 90% are more likely to report through anonymous channels than to immediate supervisors. 

Perhaps the key takeaway is that discrimination occurs in-person or over zoom. The transition to work-from-home hasn’t changed that. Neither have examples of workers who witness discrimination. 

Workplace discrimination is a topic that is not talked about enough and is incredibly hard to talk about in a toxic workplace environment. However, it starts with you creating an environment where employees can speak up against workplace discrimination and demand change. If you see discrimination or suffer from it in the workplace, say something. More likely than not, someone may feel the same way you do.

If you are interested in the AllVoices report, you can find it here 
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