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Across the country, employers are trying to figure out how to best keep their employees safe. Many companies are requiring vaccine mandates while others merely ask for regular Covid-19 testing. The President recently issued an executive order mandating vaccines for workers across the US. But it has not been fully implemented. Why not?

What is going on right now?

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals halted the mandate, which would have taken place in January of 2022. The vaccine mandate would have affected federal workers, contractors that work with the federal government, companies of a certain size, and many healthcare companies. President Biden keeps pushing for all Americans to get vaccinated, and this was his latest effort to get more workers vaccinated. 

However, attorneys general from Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Utah have contested the order as unconstitutional. Their argument is that the mandate oversteps the enumerated powers of the federal government and is a presidential overreach.  The Fifth Circuit has agreed to stay the mandate pending further arguments from the states and the Executive Branch. 

The Biden administration has to respond quickly, as vaccine mandates have shown effectiveness in curbing COVID-19. There will most likely be a legal battle between states, the US Attorney General, and the Department of Labor. Both sides are confident in their abilities to win, and the American public will watch for the decision.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a worker who falls into one of these categories, keep an eye out for this case. It will determine if you and your employees must receive the vaccine. And for all employees, while you do not have to follow the mandate now, it is important to keep up with the most recent information about the case. 

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